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(We Shouldn't) Take A Chance (Promo-CD/Digital Download)

Ion Javelin/World Music Caf WMC (2011)

  1. (We Shouldn't) Take A Chance
    (Single Version) 3:58
  2. (We Shouldn't) Take A Chance
    (Extended Version) 5:20
  3. Walking Trought The Rain
    (arr. Veil/Solo Version) 4:25
taken from his forthcoming Album TIME FOR CHANGE
Release on CD and as MP3

This is less a cohesive Album than an open one!

Photographies by Franzika Berg

TAKE A CHANCE published 2011 by EMI Music Publishing/Edition Klanggarten
WALKING THROUGH THE RAIN published 1996 by AMV Alster Musikverlag
original version released 1996 on the Chandeen Album The Waking Dream

(c)+(p) 2011 by Ion Javelin
This Sound Recording & this Booklet are Subject of
Copyright Protection. All Rights reserved
Printed in Germany


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