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Bang! (MC)

CBS 465829 4 (1989)

  1. The Wild, Wild Western 5:29
    (Marcus Gabler)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  2. I Won't Forget 3:29
    (Nikki Pfeil)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  3. Champagne For The Boy 4:00
    (Marcus Gabler-Nikki Pfeil)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  4. EDUCATION 3:41
    (Marcus Gabler)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  5. Raid Over Moscow 4:44
    (Marcus Gabler)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  1. For Love And Pride 3:54
    (Christian Phillip Berg)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  2. Okay! 3:41*
    (Marcus Gabler)
    Michael Zosel Musikverlag
  3. Make My Day 4:20
    (Marcus Gabler-Robin Otis)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  4. Love In General 3:26
    (Marcus Gabler)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
  5. Tambo! Tambo! 8:21
    (Marcus Gabler)
    CBS Musikverlag GmbH
    Arranger: Robin Otis
One Side of this program is of longer duration than the other to preserve the album continuity.

Play on "normal" not "Chrome"

Produced by Rod Gammons
*Produced by Westside

The Wild, Wild Western
Mixed by Jon Dee and Rod Gammons

I Won't Forget
Additional Keyboards: Rod Gammons
Backing Vocals: Suzanne
Engineered by: Rob Miller/Andy Falconer
Mixed by: Peter Lorimer

Champagne For The Boy
Keyboards & Drum Programming: Ray Hedges and Nigel Butler
Backing Vocals: Candy McKenzie
Guitar: Rod Gammons
Engineered by: Tyrell/Rob Miller
Mixed by: Graham Bonnett

Mixed by: Marcus Gabler and Alexander Henninger

Raid Over Moscow
Guitar: Tyrell
Engineers: Peter Lorimer/Rob Miller/Andy Falconer

For Love And Pride
Fairlight Programming: Tyrell
Fairlight Overdubs: Rod Gammons
Engineered by: Peter Lorimer/Rob Miller

Mixed by: Marcus Gabler and Alexander Henninger

Make My Day Engineered by: Rob Miller
Mixed by: Peter Lorimer

Love In General
Piano: Errol Reed
(Piano recorded at Red Bus Studios, London)
Engineered by: Logan Waters
Strings arranged by: Rod Gammons
Fairlight III: Rod Gammons
Vocals and strings recorded at Berwick Street Studios
Engineered and mixed by: Peter Lorimer
Fairlight Programming: Tyrell

Tambo! Tambo!
Guitars: Tyrell
Engineers: Peter Lorimer/Rob Miller
Mixed by: Peter Lorimer

Special thanks: Hybrid Arts, Synthesizerstudio Bonn, Couleur Trois, Hall Of Fame, Family 5, The Colours Of Grey, Julietta, Michael U.S. Schweizer, Mich-Mich+Mich, Sebastian Koch, New Life, Manu, Katrina, Anna, Stefan, Carsten, Kermit, Buddha, Patricia, Mike, Markus Hertle, Matthias, Volker Mbius, Gabi Strbele, Heinz Decker, Carlo Guillaume, Silvie, Matthias H., Dieter Rhrig, Maria, Micky To, Die Dengels, Matthias Brger, Christoph Mller-Dott, ilke, General, E-R-S II, Ralf + Florian, Mel + Kim, David Gahan, Mr. "Du, das ist kein Problem", die Wifa-Girls, Marx, die Liebe, Garp, Ivan Capelli, unseren Familie und Eintracht Frankfurt (SGE)
Comic: Nikolaus PPX-77 List, Story: Roberto Cappelluti

Write to: OKAY, P.O. Box 1262, 6116 Eppertshausen, West Germany

(P) 1989 CBS Schallplatten GmbH, Germany/(C) 1989 CBS Schallplatten GmbH, Germany/CBS and CBS Inc./Printed in Holland/Imprim en Hollande/Distribution CBS Records/CBS Disques S.A. WARNING: All rights of the producer and of the owner of the record work reserved. Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this record prohibited.

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